Sustainable Wimberley

Born from an idea at a community meeting in 2019, Sustainable Wimberley's mission is to reduce the consumption of single-use products in the Wimberley Valley. Today, we’re a Facebook group, sharing ideas and articles about reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We also have many ideas on how to be more active in our community, including creating a list of local businesses that use biodegradable and/or earth-friendly products, educating people on how to reduce their use of single-use products, as well as how to recycle correctly and try to avoid purchasing hard-to-recycle items. 


Our long-term mission is to make Wimberley into an eco-village that is an example for others of how to live sustainably with the least impact on our environment.  Wimberley’s Blue Hole Elementary School, the first One Water School in Texas, is an inspiration to us, and our goal is to build on that innovative and green idea by incorporating other low-impact living methods into our daily lives.


Sustainable Wimberley is currently partnering with King Feed and TerraCycle to give people options for some of those hard-to-recycle items. Many thanks to Bryan and Laura of King Feed for providing the space for our collection boxes!  You can recycle any brand of razor or razor blade here, as well as toothbrushes, toothpaste containers, dental floss and packaging, and #6 rigid plastic cups (cups only, not other plastic).


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