The Vision Circle

The secret to a truly successful community isn’t just about its institutions. It’s about the passionate people behind the scenes who care enough to want the place they love to thrive.  We're a team of planners, thinkers, artists and contrarians who cherish Wimberley's uniqueness and have no trouble strong-arming our peers into joining us to make it truly "a little piece of heaven". 

Alfredo Czerwinski, MD, currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Lawson & Associates, a consulting group that helps leaders thrive in uncertain environments, move with agility and decisiveness, and better leverage the organization’s culture to drive superior performance.

When not on the road working with clients, Alfredo and his wife look for new ways to inspire their grandchildren and contribute to the Wimberley Valley.

DuAnne Redus has lived in Wimberley since 2000 and been active in the local community serving as an officer on several boards including the Wimberley Chamber Board, Youth Taking Charge, Woodcreek POA, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, Arts from the Heart, and Wimberley Valley Radio, where she hosts the weekly radio show On River Time. DuAnne was also part of the Wimberley Talks group, a collaborative effort to understand issues about water in the Wimberley Valley.

With degrees in psychology, business and organizational behavior, she has over twenty years of domestic and international executive coaching and management experience.

Stephanie Nestlerode is a social worker by training and a strategic planner by trade. In her words, “The future we create is the legacy we leave the world’s children.”  Her specialty is providing learning opportunities that inspire, guide, and cultivate skills. Her clients learn how to generate the energy, ownership, and structure required for strategic thinking and successful implementation – creating efficient and effective systems for serving the common good. 


She launched WimberleyValleyWorks whose mission is ‘Sparking conversations for good by connecting people with ideas, skills and resources.’

As Chief Synthesizer for 7th Generation Labs, she is joining kindred spirits to create a treasure trove of ways to learn what matters.

 LaDonna Coy is a whole-life learner and accidental technologist, captivated by the potential of the WWW for learning and development some 25 years ago.


She loves what technology makes possible.  She’s provided unique learning experiences for hundreds of people in the field of prevention, from coalitions to state provider networks. She’s consulted with state and federal agencies on using social media effectively. Clearly, positive social change cannot scale unless we use technology well.

As Chief Product & Event Designer for 7th Generation Labs, LaDonna uses her array of experiences to inform, design, develop and offer digital products, services and learning events.  She provides tech support for the WimberleyValleyWorks.

Bill Nestlerode is a mathematician, technical consultant and systems engineer with experience designing and implementing integrated software and hardware solutions. His specialties include open source and security systems. He enjoys solving complex technical problems, minimizing resource requirements and maximizing results. He is skilled at tutoring people learning new ways – whether in math, statistics, physics or computing. 


A tutor with high school and college students, he is especially gifted with students who experience math anxiety.

As Chief Technology Architect for 7th Generation Labs, his role is weaving platforms, hardware and software into an integrated system to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.