Wimberley Valley Works was birthed from the hearts of people all over the Valley. Parents, youth, dreamers, teachers, business owners, creatives--anyone who recognized that our local government and civic institutions had more on their plates than they could cope with. That communications often were strained and stalling, leaving the people of the Valley in need of helping hands, and wise hearts with an agenda-free desire to share their skills and resources with their neighbors. So, in the spirit of "let's git er done," Wimberley Valley Works was born to help enhance the Valley’s vitality and quality of life for the social, economic, and environmental good and (we hope) create a resilient base for future growth.


Finding common ground for the common good.

Driven by our members' vision, Wimberley Valley Works is an incubator for the community projects they want to tackle.  Filling in the gaps our institutions often can't, we focus on protecting our pristine local environment.  Looking at manageable growth strategies.  Making sure Wimberley is a welcoming place for all ages and flavors of people.  Supporting our artists and musicians.  Ensuring a robust local economy.  

Supported by a strong networking culture and fueled by volunteers, the Works showcases the willingness and capacity of this unique community to care for its amazing natural assets, help all its people rise, and to grow into its dream of peace and sustainability.